Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Don't you just love the color purple?
the color of
Lavenders, lilac.....and

But wait,

you gotta love red too....
the color of roses,

Why can't you have both???

in ALL Shades of those colors?

Here lies the solution...

I don't think you can ever get too creative with your pencil case
esspecially if you're a 'i want it all ,and i need it to be in this shape,
that color, that design' kind of person

This is a zipper case measuring 10 by 4 inches,
Wide enough for your school supplies
you won't be able to find anything like this sold in stores,

ok, maybe you can, but definitely NOT in
a combination of red and purple

It also serves good purpose for entertainment,
for example,

Mr Skalavotch is educating the class about the difference
between kazakstan and kyrgyzstan

which by the way, you didn't even know existed

Start playing around with your pencil case,
take ALL the zippers apart

did i mention this case is made out of 10 zippers,
5 on each side
and ALL of the zippers serves as openings?

and if Mr.Skalavotch starts rambling about
how to say hello in the kazakh language
which is

      Khayrly kün

This is when your zipper case serves as a toy,
be creative!

for now, i think i have done an impresive job in transforming
my zipper case into an odd shaped

Price: $13
Shipping: $2 (in the United States)

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Heidijayhawk said...

so cute! love the colors!