Monday, July 30, 2007


I've always been amazed at zippers.
In this project of mine, they are used to make roses and leaves for my tote

This denim tote has a base measuring 10 by 7 inches
( don't you just hate bags without a base? makes them flimsy...-my opinion)
It has 2 straps measuring 22 inches each

The flowers in front are made out of zippers from
shades of red and pink

Its a great accessory to store your purse,
cell phone, keys and etc

price: $18
shipping: $3 - in the united states (international shipping available)

please leave me a message if you're interested,
thank you!


This creative case is one of a kind!
It is made completely out of zippers
this case can be opened from any side!

One side is made out of zippers of all shades of puple
and the other side blue

It measures 10 by 4 inches
and is perfect to store art supplies, make up, keys etc.

Price: $12
Shipping: $2 (in the united states)- international shipping also available

leave me a message if you have questions,
thank you!