Saturday, August 25, 2007


I was looking at my widely spreaded collection
of miscellaneous junk.. aka buttons, beads, hooks, wires
of odd numbers and colors

and i came upon these little zipper heads at the corner
These are a pair of earrings assembled with 4 zipper heads
of light olive green, mustard yellow,
orange and red

i can guarentee you that you can't find stuff like this
in stores

this piece measures slightly more than 1 1/2 inch

It takes a daring soul to put them on....
someone with a strong street fashion sense

Maybe someone with tight skinny velvet pants, an old white vintage beatles
t-shirt paired with a brightly printed tie or vest

Someone that has 'UNIQUE' printed on their heads (you can replace
that with 'WEIRD' and "ONE OF A KIND')

Anyway, It's just for fun!

Price: $4
shipping: $2

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