Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This Flat ballet shoe was originally bare and i decided
to add a little fun and creativity to it.

I dug up my collection of buttons that were remainings of other project
and started sewing away!

As you can see, the right shoe and the left differ from one another
(the very reason being that i have few buttons in the same design and color)
but it also makes it one of a kind

the right shoe is detailed with blue and purple buttons and beads
and the left is detailed with purple and red

this shoe is a size 7 1/2

Price: $18
Shipping: $4


Naomi345 said...

I absolutely love your shoes and I would like to put do a critical study of you in m art project if that is alright? i will be back to buy some thing soon =] xxx

Blessed said...

hey there naomi345,
its my honor.thanks for stopping by!