Monday, September 24, 2007


Each of these earrings tells a different story


Price: $5


Price : $6


Price: $6


Price: $6

Shipping for earrings are $1 each

Saturday, September 22, 2007



hmm, i'm feeling like 'coffee' now....

this cute combination of glass and plastic beads
consist colors of bronze,stone, olive and coffee.

i bet it'll look super cute on your ear lobes!

Price: $6
Shipping: $1( in the United States)


Price: $6
Shipping: 1 ( in the United States)



This piece has a replica of the ancient chinese coin of the
Northern Song Dynasty during the period between 1102-1106AD

The coin has 2 surfaces that has 4 chinese characters on one side
and a dragon and phoenix on the other,
representing 2 of the most powerful symbols used in chinese history.

Paired with an elipse shaped army green see-through bead,
It measures close to 3 inch including hook


I made another pair with light green beads

Price : $7
Shipping: $1 ( in the United States)


In the Hindi language,
DIVYA means divine

This is another piece similar to 'Lakshimi'
It is made with glass and plastic beads
and measures
2 1/2 inch excluding the hook

Price: $7
Shipping: $1 ( in the United States)


Indian goddess hindu Lakshmi is the goddess of fortune, grace and charm, and loveliness, fertility, and beauty in Hindu mythology

This piece is made of glass
and plastic beads

I had alot of fun mixing all sorts of colors in this piece
They all blend in wonderfully
i had a combination of
light green, online green, matalic green, beige, sand, rust aqua, and turquoise

This piece measures 2 1/4 inch includhing the hook

Price: $7
Shipping: $1 (in the United States)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


As you can see, i'm totally loving this bead right now.
I came up with another design, this time the same
see through gold bead is paired with

Attached right above the metal-disc is a tiny gold bead

This piece measures 2 1/2 inches

Price: $8
Shipping: $1 ( in the United States)


I saw these absolutely gorgeous see through gold beads hanging on the shelf
in a store and they were screaming 'BUY ME! BUY ME!'

The color and the detail of this bead is just...
( fill in blanks with a word summing up the meaning of gorgeous, beautiful, magnificent, lovely..)
These gold see through beads has a hollow center with a fractured texture surface

So i came home and paired these beads with another favorite bead of mine
i find the combination of gold and olive green just......
( fill in with the same word you used previously)

i am just smilling away looking at this pair of earrings.

It measures 2 1/2 inches including the hook

Price: $8
Shipping: $1 ( inside the United States)

Sunday, September 9, 2007


This compact case is meant to serve as a 'handy kit'

..maybe as a travelling make up bag..

or when you're just making a short stop at the supermarket
and you really don't want to bring that huge 10 pound Coach bag of yours
coz all you need is your phone, some dollar bills and car keys

it also could serve as a bag just to contain your kleenex and sunglasses

This case measures 7 by 5 inches
and has a 1 3/4 inch base for more storage

The butterfly is sewn on with hand embroidery
DMC threads of different shades of pink and red are used
Stitches include satin stich, chain stich, french knot and running stich
the butterfly measures 2 1/2 by 3 inches
The trail marks beside the butterfly consist of
pink beads, and sequins

A zipper serves as an opening for the case

Price: $15
Shipping: $2 ( in the United States)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Just simple bold pendant
That has a tiny gold bead at the bottom

Attach it to any necklace, chain, or strap
and wear it around your neck!

Price : $2
Shipping: $1 (In United States)