Sunday, September 9, 2007


This compact case is meant to serve as a 'handy kit'

..maybe as a travelling make up bag..

or when you're just making a short stop at the supermarket
and you really don't want to bring that huge 10 pound Coach bag of yours
coz all you need is your phone, some dollar bills and car keys

it also could serve as a bag just to contain your kleenex and sunglasses

This case measures 7 by 5 inches
and has a 1 3/4 inch base for more storage

The butterfly is sewn on with hand embroidery
DMC threads of different shades of pink and red are used
Stitches include satin stich, chain stich, french knot and running stich
the butterfly measures 2 1/2 by 3 inches
The trail marks beside the butterfly consist of
pink beads, and sequins

A zipper serves as an opening for the case

Price: $15
Shipping: $2 ( in the United States)


Siok Ngi said...

Chiam! This case is really really pretty!

Blessed said...

aww haha gump sa mi da siok ngi shi!

Heidijayhawk said...

i think this may be my new favorite of yours!

Tracy said...

A very lovely bag--beautiful embroidery on the butterfly! Happy Days :o)

Nicole said...

very cute! :-)

joey said...

YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU HAD A BLOGGG!! i know we rarely talk anymore.. but still. it's a BLOG. :( *sniff. i miss you.

ps. - and your stuff's real sui lah.. making lotsa lui laa now.. :)

Blessed said...

hi darling... no mah,... i'm really bad with words and all my post have little to no creativity in ways they are written... i just wish someone would write for me...'nudge' nudge'

it only serves as a tool to sell off my stuff that are lying at home...

so yeah.. nothing about my daily life or anything like that...

glad you liked it!
and SHH... i created it for publicity in the United States - so shipping is easier)

no need for msian ppl to see it!